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Yoga props for sale!

I have specially curated these kits with a selection of useful yoga props. The items all tuck away neatly into compact drawstring bags. This is great for keeping up a yoga practice when travelling, for attending lunchtime classes at work, to take to a yoga class on public transport, or keep in the boot of the car.

The foldable yoga mat is the hero of these yoga props. It comes pre-creased so that it is easy to fold away. No more hitting strangers on the bus with an awkwardly rolled-up mat! The foldable yoga mat also functional as a seated cushion for those who find it difficult to sit cross-legged. It can be partially unfolded for the ankles to rest on, while the pelvis sits on the bulk of the mat.

Yoga props in a drawstring bag

The yoga kits include:

There are two thicknesses of foldable mats to choose from: 6mm (purple) or 4mm (blue). Both are the same price.

The mesh towel/blanket can be used to cover the yoga mat in a hot class. It has non-slip dots so that it stays in place. In summer it will keep you dry on sweaty days, and in winter it can cover your body to keep you warm in savasana. It comes in its own breathable drawstring bag.

The following yoga props are included:

  • Drawstring bag (cotton, royal blue) X1
  • Yoga block (cork) X1
  • Yoga strap (D-ring, blue) X1
  • Towel/blanket (fast-absorption, non-slip, nylon mesh cloth, grey) in its own drawstring bag X1
  • Foldable yoga mat (TPE foam non-slip 6mm or 4mm) X1

Price for whole yoga kit: $85 (including gst). Just add $5 for shipping.

If you would like to purchase a yoga kit, please contact me! Be sure to state if you want the 6mm (purple) or 4mm (blue) mat.

Using yoga props

See the post: Autonomic Nervous System 2: Restore balance with yoga for some more ideas of how to include yoga props in your practice.

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