Yoga at Home

Begin and maintain a regular yoga practise from the comfort and privacy of your own home! Click here to jump straight in.

I would greatly recommend practising yoga with a qualified and experienced teacher if possible. This way you will be in the care of someone who can educate and assist you, in a safe and respectful space. At the very least, for a short time to build up knowledge and familiarity for yoga poses and movements.

However, there are many reasons why this may not be possible. The global pandemic has impacted on businesses in many ways. Changes to work situations during the pandemic have lead to people being at home more than usual. Many fitness centres and yoga studios have had to shut down, temporarily or for worse. Sadly, people often turn to these places, like safe havens, as a way to escape their troubles and focus on their physical and mental wellbeing.

But all is not lost! There is an abundance of great workouts and yoga practises online that can be done at home. Something for everyone!

Benefits of a home yoga practise

  • Easy to schedule around your work/home obligations
  • No travel time
  • Self-exploration and experimentation in a private environment
  • Great for those who feel anxious in a group environment
  • Adaptable for any level of experience or mobility
  • Modify to suit your mood or intentions
  • Practise indoors or outdoors
  • Do it with your pyjamas on (or pyjamas off! No judgement here!)

All that’s needed is enough space to stretch out, a firm, flat floor, with optional yoga mat, blankets, or cushion. I recommend sitting on a cushion for those who find a cross-legged position uncomfortable. A folded blanket or towel can help to buffer sore knees when kneeling.

Get comfy and practise yoga at home with me!

View the playlist of videos below. All of these are from live Zoom sessions. Most are filmed at home, and a few at a hall. The sound quality varies as I’m not using a mic, and I have noisy builders at the house next door. I hope there’s something here that you like!