Modern meditation is simply the practice of observing one’s thoughts and emotions, without being overwhelmed or driven by them. Here are some of my favourite resources.

Restore balance to a stressed-out nervous system with movement, yoga poses, and breathing techniques. Get to know how your mind and body respond to stressors. Click here to learn how.

Online yoga videos including flow sequences for all levels and short online meditations. For more videos subscribe to Wonder Yoga on Youtube.

Music is a powerful mood-altering tool, whether for your yoga practice or for leisure. Follow Wonder on Spotify for more playlists.

how to fall asleep

Having trouble getting to sleep? Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on health and wellbeing. Here are some tips and resources to give you a more restful night and wake up feeling refreshed.

mobility movement

Improve your mobility, range of movement and balance with these simple exercises and practices. Our bodies were designed to MOVE!