pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

I’ve put together some pregnancy yoga videos for the wonderful mamas-to-be in my life. These are a series of stabilising and mobilising movements and poses that are safe to do during pregnancy. View “Nest and Rest” on Youtube here.

Go easy, go slow, and just do what is right for you at whatever stage of pregnancy you’re at. If you’re not pregnant, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy these movements. They can help to assist with any lower back pain or instability also around the pelvis. Bring awareness to the core structure of your body, postural alignment, and move with stability and control.

You could choose to do this pregnancy yoga practice without any props. Just make sure you’ve got a little bit of space around you. If you do want to use props, you could use a chair, a yoga mat, a small cushion, a big cushion or a stack of cushions, and/or a blanket. Make sure you’re wearing close that are comfortable. I’m sure if you’re pregnant you’re already wearing loose-fitting clothing that you can easily move in. 

Before you begin

For those who are new to yoga, most of these movements will be safe for you to do but if there is anything that feels unfamiliar, very new to your body, please do modify as needed and truly listen to your body. If anything doesn’t feel good to you there is no need to push through it.

PLEASE NOTE: I (Alissa Smith, Wonder Yoga) am not a medical professional and am not offering medical advice. These pregnancy yoga videos are for demonstration purposes only and not to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any health or medical condition. Please consult your trusted medical professional and follow their advice. If you feel any pain or intense discomfort at any time while practising these movements, please STOP. The content in this video may not be suitable for practice by all viewers. Practise only at your own discretion.

Thank you for sharing your time with me. I hope you enjoy these pregnancy yoga videos and I wish you well on your journey!

NEST & REST // Video #1

NEW LIFE // Video #2