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Alissa has been an enthusiastic reader and passionate writer from a very young age. Throughout her childhood, and to this day, she is happiest with her nose buried in a book. She finds inspiration in the greats from Roald Dahl to Stephen King. The art of imaginative storytelling fascinates her.

With much encouragement from friends and family, she has finally embarked on the journey to becoming a fiction novelist. Alissa is currently editing her first novel in the genre of contemporary fiction. Centred around a boy growing up in 1960s New Zealand, the story may bring on spells of nostalgia from the past half-century. It follows him through his life with complex characters and creative endeavours. The book explores themes that appeal to a broad audience, from young adult to seniors. Alissa is fizzing to get her novel out into the world so that she can share it with others.

Alissa was thrilled to be selected as a recipient for the New Zealand Society of Authors Mentorship Programme 2020. This has been running since 1999 with some very positive outcomes. Sponsored by Creative New Zealand.

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  • Chapter One: It’s just the beginning
    I’ve just finished editing chapter one of my novel, with much guidance from my incredible writing mentor. The story remained the same, but I made a lot of improvements. Here are the changes I made.
  • Everyone is creative – If they do the thing
    Creativity is a curious concept. People can be quick to label themselves as a creative or uncreative person. But what does it really mean to be creative? The difference is in the DOING OF THE THING.
  • Writing vlog – Project King overview
    This writing vlog is an overview of how I have progressed with my first fiction novel! It’s an insight into how I’ve structured my story’s multi-decade timeline and the research required. Also, observe how I disguise my terribly slow typing skills with 900x video speed.
  • Word count vs completion goal ::UPDATE::
    Novel progress UPDATED! Just hit my original target of 50,000 words and I’m over halfway through the story. Still loving the process!
  • SONDER: Everyone has a story
    Sonder: The realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Everyone has a story.