Love is out there.

2016 has been a significant year, with events that have had a global impact and shaped our future. Google has released this video which captures these highs and lows.

Social media can be a dark hole at times, with hyped-up headlines, misinformation, and keyboard warriors. Everyone should be entitled to have their voice and opinions heard, but with so much information constantly being fed into our faces, we can be lead into overwhelm.

Take time out to look beyond the mayhem, disappointment, anger and confusion. Seek the good in the world, celebrate the wins, connect with kindness, and make time to play. You might just find that love IS out there.

Love is out there if you seek good in the world

Some of 2016’s most shocking news stories — including Brexit, the election of Trump, the Orlando shooting, and Syria — is montaged in Google’s “Year in Search” video for 2016. Yet, as the video develops, we see uplifting footage and messages of hope among the lowlights and controversial happenings of the year.

In each piece of footage, the rectangular Google search box appears, to highlight words or symbolic images: like a “Refugees welcome” sign or the supermoon rising. Included in the montage are Simone Biles at the Rio Olympics; the Chicago Cubs’ World Series win; Beyonce’s release of “Lemonade” and the deaths of Prince, Gene Wilder, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Nancy Reagan and Alan Rickman. Trump’s handshake with Obama portrays the President-Elect in a more hopeful light, and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders also feature, as does Lin-Manuel Miranda’s emotional Tony’s speech. The film ends with the words “Love is out there. Search on.”

“If you take away the labels, you realise that we’re far more alike than we are different.”

Ellen Degeneres


See what the world searched for in 2016.
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